Gifted & Talented Children


What Every Parent Should Know

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What You Will Learn . . .

  • What it means to be "gifted"
  • How giftedness & talent differ
  • Why society has a love-hate relationship with giftedness & talent
  • The Bible’s perspective on the responsibilities & opportunities of giftedness
  • The importance of "zeitgeist"
  • When a child is considered a “"prodigy"
  • How "overexcitability" influences a gifted person
  • Why "metacognition" is a worthy goal
  • Which gifted students have trouble "passing" IQ tests
  • Why "assessment" is better than testing
  • What IQ actually representsWhy standardized tests have "too low a ceiling" to measure giftedness
  • How to prepare your children for testing & diagnostic assessment
  • When it is appropriate to use SAT tests to determine levels of giftedness
  • When acceleration is appropriate for your child
  • Why the "catastrophe theory" of education applies to your curriculum choices
  • How telescoping & compacting help to eliminate boredom
  • If skipping a grade is an asset or liability
  • Why the junior high years can be the most wasted period in a child’s educational life
  • How to become a “creativity-enhancing teacher” instead of an "inhibiting" teacher
  • Why gifted students need an IEP
  • The value of apprenticeship in a gifted child’s experience
  • What computer literacy needs your child has
  • How to achieve a well-rounded education in spite of your child’s interests
  • The challenges parents face when teaching the gifted child at home
  • Special tips for parenting a gifted child
  • How to respond when your gifted or talented child is an "underachiever"
  • And much more!