Etiquette: Privilege or Panic?


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When you think of “etiquette,” do your thoughts focus on privilege or panic? The dictionary defines privilege as “a right, favor, or immunity especially granted to an individual.” Panic, in turn, is defined as “sudden, unreasonable, hysterical fear.”

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Nothing in life can create privilege and eliminate panic more quickly than the habitual practice of basic etiquette protocols. Learning the proprieties of life which can bring “a man before kings” is a vital part of character training for every adult and child. (See Proverbs 22:29 and Daniel 1:4.) This 90-minute workshop offers parents several suggestions for the “why and how” of accomplishing that goal. The last half of the session features an overview of the material in our e-book series entitled Etiquette PLUS: Polishing Life’s Useful Skills.